Hats, hats, hats.

Yes it’s been a while since I’ve posted – I have been rather busy indeed. I finished my red hat… but it turned out too big! So big that I think my tension is making it larger as well as knitting too large a size, and I’m not sure if I go down a size it will be small enough… perhaps need to switch to 3.75 instead of 4mm. Anyway, here’s a picture, because even though it is too big – it’s absolutely gorgeous, even if I do say so myself. I’m extremely proud of it, and I’m going to keep it to wear around my house (big hats fit all my hair too!)

Blocking... dry faster!
On a dinner plate, blocking (when I wet it and set it flat on something to dry – in this case around a dinner plate to keep a circular shape)


I didn’t try it on for ages because I had conjunctivitis and I didn’t want to possibly have it catch on. I started the same hat again for mum during that time however, and now I’m not sure if her hat will be too big now!! Disaster 😦 Though I did use a different type of yarn… so I am hoping that it will be okay. Please, let it be okay, haha. Otherwise I guess mum or I will be getting a house hat too! So long as I finish it. I have had to take a break! 2 of the same hats, one after the other, can be a little much – especially since it’s cables. Though, I actually find them very relaxing.

This month is my birthday – it should be a good one. All month new things are popping up. True Blood season 5 should be on the 10th, and Dymocks is having a month long sale that includes horror book anthologies (yessss). Late in the month I should be receiving a new doll kit to put together and paint (!!! one I’ve wanted for more than 2 years, but the order period is so pesky I missed it !!!) and it will be my birthday on the 27th, around the same time. Mum is giving me the gift of Smashing Pumpkins, which is next month in Sydney – so I’ll be flying in. Which is pretty generous, and I very much thank her – since old Smashing Pumpkins is my absolute favourite, and I believe they will be playing it too… and Billy Corgan will be there of course. When I scored tickets I was so excited I couldn’t stop squealing and going WOOOHOOOO and jumping around, it was the best thing ever. There hasn’t been a band I’ve seen that I’ve wanted to see as much as Smashing Pumpkins. It’s on the life to-do list for sure!

Recently lots has been going on – well, lots for me. I went to a photography group’s portraiture meet and got my picture taken, and I think I would like to join their club to improve my photography skills some more. The gallery is here for the pictures that were taken today – it should be the June 2 folder in “QCG Special Interest Groups” – there was me, Sarah & Paul, and a girl who actually looks very familiar but I was late so I missed her… I could have sworn she went to high school with me, it’s really quite eerie how I keep bumping into people… but that is Brisbane for you.
That evening, I went to Sabrina’s 30th birthday party, where we went to the Tibetan Kitchen restaurant where I had a dish so spicy hot that my eyes were watering, my nose was running and apparently at one point my face turned red, haha! But it was so delicious and I persevered, though I did feel a little nauseous afterwards. It was worth it, damnit! After that we went to the Mana Bar, in the valley near the Judith Wright centre. I was pretty excited about this – though excited about the Tibetan Kitchen too, yum – and when I got there it was smaller than I thought it would be, and it was really awesome. You could play games on each wall, none of which I had had the opportunity to try before so I had a go at two during the evening and it was extremely fun. There was a heap of memorabilia on the wall in a glass case which was especially awesome. The cocktail and shot list was hilarious… I started my evening with a Mana Potion (nobody will die tonight, I have all the heals!) and had, I think it was called, an Angel Island. Both were very yummy 😀 and I bumped into a NaNoWriMo friend there, Rion! It was incredibly random, and he ended up joining us since he was alone. The bartender, who was nice, looked surprisingly like Joseph Gordon-Levitt. At the time I thought it was totally uncanny, though I didn’t say anything haha. Another awesome thing was the ladies room… the drawings and messages on the walls were just awesome. The Harry Potter jokes on the toilet seat and on the walls someone had drawn pictures, there were messages, even BAD WOLF in big letters. Just countless awesome. I stayed in there heaps longer just to read the messages on the walls, it was great 😀 and some of my friends there went in to take individual pictures.
We ended the evening after everyone left with me and Sabrina going to the small grocery (7-11 ish) kind of shop across the road, where Sabrina bought Hello Pandas and Pringles. She let me have a few of both 😀 though I couldn’t have very many because there’s gluten. But I did have a few, and it was delicious. I had forgotten how much I like Hello Pandas. Not pringles though, I love pringles but I had them recently… sooo good. Then my mother gave Sabrina a lift home and saved her a cab fare, and took me home too. It wasn’t TOO late so I got some decent-ish sleep, and then the next day, yesterday, spent the day at Jake’s place where we jammed and watched “my little pony”, which is as good as I hear it is. The animation is very cool… I love flash, and some bits are so so funny. I ended up staying until dinner, and making friends with his sister’s rat – which was on the couch when I came in, and promptly found my hair to burrow in 😀 I love, love rats.
And now today, I’m rather tired. I think I will read or watch Doctor Who or something, maybe play some Diabo3 (I finished normal finally yaaaaay… I’m going a little slower than the rest of everyone). Today is definitely vedge day. I’m feeling a little off colour so I’m going to stay in bed and rest up. Today is quiet day.
So yes, hats and stuff! I shall make another entry when I figure out how to make one the right size, or when I finish mum’s, haha >< bloody hats… with their fancy patterns, and gauge still eats my brains. Sigh! I will ask advice at the Local Yarn Shop near me. I'm sure they will have a very helpful opinion of wether I should change the needle size too. Thank goodness I have one so close by 🙂 So farewell, until next time.

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Belated… and hats

So I never really finished uploading all my Sydney pictures and regaling you all with tales of my trip. I was exhausted in the last few days, and then when I got home I was so sad I was home that I didn’t even upload my last pictures :O but today I finally picked up my camera cord and uploaded some of my pictures…

3 Monkeys Pub
This was a pub a little down the way from me. Totally awesome!

Double decker train
A double decker train! These were so awesome. So fun…

Harbour Bridge
The harbour bridge!

Opera House
And of course… the Sydney Opera house. Always lovely.

And my Harry Potter exhibition loot!

Ok, ok… I admit. That is not all of my Harry Potter loot. I got a wand, bag, 2 chocolate frogs, bertie botts every flavour beans, time turner, scarf, bookmark, program and marauders map.
The exhibition was really fantastic! In the first part, you get escorted in after the sorting onto platform 9 3/4… there’s mist, and someone yelling, “First years!” … it was magic. Then all the props. Oh my the props! They were so wonderful. I just stood before them, and thought about how that particular actor had been wearing those very same clothes! Though I wasn’t allowed to touch, haha. It was really fantastic. I got to sit in Hagrid’s hut, throw quaffles, pull mandrakes… it was a really full experience. Then at the end, I was like – buy ALL the merchandise!! 😀 Well, not all, I admit. But I did buy quite a bit… and imagine my joy as the first chocolate frog card I pulled out of my packet was Dumbledore himself. Absolutely priceless.
Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take pictures, so that picture up there of some of my loot is really all I can give you. But I can say that it was absolutely worth it. Worth every penny of flying down to Sydney just to be there.

Otherwise, lately I’ve been well. I’ve been reading A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin… and loving it. I’m up to the last book, and I’m kind of drawing it out a bit now because I don’t want to run out of the series… 😦 so sad!! Sigh, but it has to end soon… I have to know what happens next.
I have also been knitting again 🙂 I’ve started on Ysolda Teague’s “Snapdragon Tam” – here’s my project page here… I’m almost finished, but I just ran out of yarn. I went through a whole skein already and it’s rather surprising, but at the same time not so surprising at all since it is a rather large hat…

Snapdragon Tam #1
Here it is starting out

Snapdragon Tam #2
… and here it is now.

Do pardon the lighting in the last picture. I had to take it in rather questionable lighting, since this shall be my last opportunity to take a picture before I finish it off. I’ll be going to buy some more yarn today, and I’m only 10 rows off finishing. That means all I need to do is to block it – I believe you have to block it over a dinner plate… though that does sound rather large… but we shall see. Speaking of blocking, I have finally blocked my shawl, though tragically… it seems a moth got to it before I did. I have a bit of a hole 😦 Which I shall mend… but… it is still really horrible. That’s why I’ve not yet graced you all with pictures of me wearing it proudly 😦 Other than the hole though, it looks perfect. I’m pretty happy with it 🙂 I might make another one in handspun next.

Well that’s all for now. Until next time 🙂

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Picasso and the hoarde of Irish

Today I swept out of my apartment partly on the gale. The wind really is that strong. In fact, this afternoon I had difficulties walking straight, and birds had a hard time flying. Anyway so I went out of where I was staying to see two guys completely off their faces, jaywalking in the middle of the city. I figure they must have had a late night or something because it was around nine. I ended up being chatted to… well, slurred to… when I was putting on my jumper, because my shirt was green. It’s okay though, they seemed cheery and harmless.
So on I go, and a few streets down I notice the road is blocked off and there are police cars and paddy wagons too, and then there are some tv cameras. I think, dear lord – someone’s died or something! Maybe a riot! But then I go a little further down the road and I see a multitude of St Paddy’s floats being prepared.

The Irish are coming! St Patties day prep - 2012 9:43 AM
The Irish are coming!

There they are playing their Irish music, probably doing jigs behind my back, the sneakies! I learned the parade is at midday, which means unfortunately I missed it since I booked in to see the Picasso exhibit at 11:30, and these things take a fair while.
I had my breaky and went for a sticky beak to see if I could find the Queen Victoria Building. I’ve been there before, and it’s gorgeous, and I took heaps of pictures. Out the front, it is absolutely gorgeous, and there’s this great big statue of Queen Vic herself looking nice and imposing with her crown and scepter.

Outside queen v building - 2012 9:39 AM
Outside the Queen Victoria building

Queen Vicki looking imposing - 2012 9:39 AM
Fancy seeing you here, Queen V!

Inside it’s rather glorious, and there are some very lovely clocks. I really admire the tiling on the floor, and there is this big dome in the ceiling, and stained glass windows at the sides. I’ll put in a few favourites here, of course shall give a link to my flickr at the end since there are just so many photos it might be a little obnoxious and spammy to put them all here.

Queen Victoria Building ... 2012 9:15 AM
Lovely view, specialty stores of luxurious quality…

Queen vic building, stained glass windows - 2012 9:21 AM
Stained glass windows at the stairwell

I think that might be enough, though strongly recommend you check out my flickr later to see the clock pictures!
After my little meander I headed to the NSW art gallery. The gallery is really very fantastic. The art is gorgeous and the building is too! Of course, I was there to see picasso. They had this great big poster outside.

NSW art gallery - 2012 10:07 AM
NSW art gallery

Really gorgeous building. If you see my other pictures, I believe I took a slightly closer picture which shows that on the outside there are names of various famous painters on the circumference of the building’s walls. The exhibit itself was fantastic. I think some of my favourites were his early cubist work. The surrealism was pretty cool too, all fantastical colours and body parts in unexpected places!
On the way back I caught the very end of the St Paddy’s parade, but only a green double decker bus with leprechauns on it. There were huge crowds, especially in Hyde Park where they seemed to be having some kind of family day out for St Paddys, including alcohol and jumping castles (hopefully but probably not in succession).

St Patties hoarde - 2012 12:08 PM
The hoarde of Irish and alike

Then I went to fetch some lunch at the city Westfield shopping centre, which had a nice sushi train. I picked up some jeans after that. By now I was in severe pain from my arthritis in my knees and the pressure issues in my feet (it makes me feel like I’m walking on knives) and I was pretty cold and hadn’t packed warm things since in Brisbane it was sweltering hot enough for me to think it would be here, too. Then I went to pick up some lunch, watched a busker for a while (he was really good AND really pretty) and caught the monorail back. Monorail was absolutely packed. It was the third monorail I got on to, the first two not having enough room for me. Also monorails are rigged for tall people – I could barely reach the bar above my head so I could keep myself from falling over. A very nice man stood up for me so I could sit down, because he could see I was having some trouble. I was really happy about this, especially since I was in some serious pain by now and limping/hobbling. I got to watch the view out the monorail window, which is cool because it cuts directly above city streets and past buildings. This is also pretty informative.
When I got home I pretty much collapsed and popped some painkillers. I am feeling quite a bit better now that I’ve rested a little. Had my dinner too, and of course uploaded my photos and had a long chat to Mum on the phone. Now, I am excited about tomorrow. Hopefully I will be less sore. I shall certainly be less cold, which means less arthritis, so I should be able to stay out longer. Harry Potter tomorrow!! So happy. If there shall be any need to carry extra luggage with me back home, it will be because of Harry Potter merchandise. Mwahahaha!

The link to my flickr is here, click click! enjoy!
❤ Fiona

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Today, I arrived in Sydney. My travel wasn’t particularly easy, I had a few interesting moments along the way; the wheel broke on my suitcase and I had to carry it part the way, and I missed my flight. Luckily, there was a fifty dollar fee and I could take the next flight and eerily enough, my mum had earlier given me fifty dollars just in case of any additional travel costs, like a cab.
The train fare from the airport was a bit expensive. Like, fifteen dollars for around five stops! The trains were double decker ones, and the one I rode on was quite new, so I went and sat up top even though my suitcase was so heavy for the train – I couldn’t help myself, haha! By the time I got to the station with my hotel I was pretty knackered and a nice asian, I think Japanese, man helped me get my suitcase up the stairs.
My hotel room is very nice, and I stayed a while inside to cool off before going back outside. It’s colder down here, and a little rainy. I didn’t pack any pants, but I’m not too cold… if I get really cold, I guess I’ll buy some pants or some stockings. The shopping here is very nice. On my way to Pitt st mall, which I worked out had the most shopping in the inner city, I saw a lot of really nice dress shops which I might have a look at later. I was on my way to lunch though, so didn’t take a look yet. There is a surprising amount of Japanese restaurants here, and I brought home sushi for dinner, and had lunch at subway. Then I did a little shopping. I got a new skirt I just adored, and since I only packed a light wrap cardi, got a slightly warmer jumper just in case.
Tomorrow, I go to see the Picasso exhibit at the new south wales art gallery. I am pretty excited 🙂 it isn’t very far from me either, which is nice. I can just walk. So many things are close to where I’m staying, which is great, but also means I will be doing heaps of walking! I walked a heap today, I’m really tired! Maybe next time I go to pitt st mall I might cave and take the monorail. And not just the monorail is full of lols! Because the mall is really like 3 blocks away… Ah maybe I should walk, I need the exercise haha! But, the again, monorails are pretty fun. I shall definitely be taking one to the Harry Potter exhibition. Yes that’s right…
Ahem, yeah I’m totally being cool about this, ya know? 😉 I am so freaking excited. I might buy a great deal. There are a few things I have been ogling for a long time. It will be so cool to see all the props and costumes and buckbeak! Omfggggg.
Anywho! Will probably have some more stuff tomorrow, and maybe some pictures if I can figure out uploading pictures to flickr by ipad. I don’t think the website works, but I do recall there being an app I can download if the site fails. We shall seeee…
Laters! ❤

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Still Alive!

Well yes, I know I haven’t posted in quite a while, but that is because I finished my shawl and I didn’t want to post until it was completely finished (that is, when I wet it and pin it out to dry). But I have been majorly procrastinating / been a bit busy, and haven’t done it yet! Naughty me. But it will be done, and I will post pictures soon. Perhaps when the weather clears up a little, I shall be able to grace you all with a few pictures of me wearing it – because things make more sense when they’re on a person and all.

I have been writing more, thank goodness. Getting over my psychological quirks to be able to let myself do something that I enjoy and find rewarding can be difficult for me, but I think I am making progress. I have not been writing in huge chunks, but I am trying not to put an emphasis on it at the moment. As long as the writing gets out of my head onto the paper in my spirax notebook (which is one of my favourite types of notebooks) then I consider it a win. It feels very good, writing. It is not always the mad happiness of creation, though that does often happen… but I feel better afterwards. It’s as if I have the stories all clogged up in my brain, and then suddenly it’s all being let out and it feels wonderful. A much needed squeezing of the creative sponge… airing out the linens and sweeping out the dust. Almost as if I hadn’t slept, and then waking up from a rather recuperative nap.

I have also been playing with my sketch a day notebook, though I am sadly behind. Very behind indeed. But I think I will catch up… and I took some pictures of some of the sketches I’ve done. I shall probably add pictures in my next entry because I can’t get onto flickr (WUT!?).. darn, oh well.

With medical news, it seems that the ear ache / throat ache thingy which my usual doctor is baffled with is indeed likely not an ear-ache and I have had a blood test. I’m quite needle phobic and I came over all faint but it wasn’t too bad, and hopefully the results shall be back in a few days. It’s probably some sort of glandular fever thing. I’ve had it before. I rather hope not, but then again I think I might rather have something I’ve had before than have to deal with something completely new. I’ve had this going on now for WELL over five months, though, and I do not want to hear that it’s going to take heaps longer still – no, not at all. So fingers crossed that it’s something that is easily fixable…

Lastly, I read The Wolf Gift which is Anne Rice’s new book. It’s really wonderful, and the style is a little different from her vampire chronicle books. I felt I was a bit less able to slip into it, but then again I found myself reading for hours and forgetting what time it was – which is a pretty solid sign of a great book. In fact, I didn’t want to read the last chapter because I didn’t want it to be over! But yeah, you all – whoever is reading – should give it a go, if you like horror fiction. I love every reinvention of old myth, including the legend of the werewolf.

Wrapping this up now, as I need to get myself some breakfast. Grumble. I am really not much of a breakfast person, most of the time.

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And so, I knit

Christmas and New Year passed pretty quickly. It wasn’t terribly eventful – we had my aunt visit, and a friend, and then I had a quiet new years with mum at home. The entire time through Christmas and New Year, my mother and I were sick, so we took it easy. I’m still a little under the weather, a few weeks later. It’s a little frustrating.

So, I haven’t been getting out much. It’s been rather quiet as I try to sit still so I can get better – which has been difficult as the new years sales are very tempting, and I did end up going out to them twice to buy some clothes (and at very good prices too!). Yesterday I went out and bought some knitting supplies at Tangled Yarns. I got a case of circular needle cords and tips which I should get quite a bit of use out of, a hank of malabrigo sock and a pattern and knitting book, “Little red in the city” by Ysolda Teague who is a favourite designer of mine. Every single jumper in the book I like, and the instructions at the front are very helpful. Soon, I would like to knit a cardigan for myself. Though, I am worried I will lose weight and it will no longer fit when I want to wear it, since I’ve been losing weight steadily for a few months now. So in the meantime I am knitting Ysolda’s “Damson” from another of her pattern books I have.
The yarn I bought and promptly balled up to use (It’s Malabrigo Sock in “Violeta Africana”

Start of Damson Shawl
The start of my “Damson” shawl

As you can see it is coming along rather well, and it hasn’t taken long as I did all this in the past hour or two this morning. I think I could finish it in a few days, or by the end of this week, if I work on it steadily and often 🙂 I’m finding it very easy… especially compared to the last shawl I worked on, Aeolian Shawl which I still haven’t finished as I became very ill whilst doing it and never got around to picking it up again. Some of the stitches have fallen off during the time I haven’t been working on it, and I am quite afraid I won’t be able to fix it, but I think I shall try and finish it soon-ish. Then, I shall have two shawls to wear on special occasions, or just when I feel like it 🙂
As for the crochet blanket I spoke of last entry, it has grown quite a bit since. I’ve started on new balls of each colour, and soon I’ll have to go get some more.
It's growing...
Here it is all roughly folded on my bed.

It’s feeling really lovely. It is warm but not too warm, and the yarn is lovely and smooth and soft. It’s already gotten to the point where it is making me warm while I work on it, and since there’s a heatwave going on at the moment I work on it in air conditioning. Though my progress of it has been a little halted since I went to the doctor the other day and found out that my weird shoulder pain which I’ve been ignoring for months is actually tendonitis… oops! So, going to try not to crochet and knit TOO much because it makes it more inflamed, apparently. Gah!
So I’ve been reading a bit more. I finished Queen of the Damned and now I’m on to Pride & Prejudice, because I felt like something a little more relaxing to read. I am really loving reading it the second time, and I think I’ll continue onto Sense & Sensibility which I never did finish (though I think I got almost – or at least – half way through). I’m almost finished, too.
I have a somewhat busy month ahead of me, which makes me happy. Well, somewhat busy by my standards! I have a birthday party to go to, and a book launch, and then I’m going to see Mary Poppins! I’m pretty excited about that, since I loved the movie when I was a child (and it’s still awesome) and I love going to the theatre and seeing musicals and plays. If only I wasn’t so sick, I’d be working on being up there with those people on stage, but for now I satisfy myself with just watching. It’s nice and fun to go out and dress all pretty for the evening. Perhaps I shall have my shawl finished by then, and I can wear it for the evening! That would be intensely satisfying.
In the meantime, sigh! I am rather bored. Being sick is not fun, and I’ve gone and got used to not being sick before I got sick! Since my over six months of being bedridden, I’d forgotten how nice it is to go out a few times a week, and I’d only just remembered, and now I can’t do it again! But I’m almost better – almost! Then I think I will go into the city for the day and get some coffee (which I’m not allowed) and watch people, and read, write or knit or just do all three and have done with it… but probably not at the same time 😉 I don’t have that many arms…
Now off to probably finish my book, and I think I’ll watch a movie. It’s way too quiet! Need more noise!

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Diving back into crochet

In the past week or so, I’ve been getting back into crochet. I’d forgotten how relaxing it is – hook in, hook out, rhythmic sets of pattern and colour… and watching it all come together at the end. Lovely.

Scarf :)
I worked up this scarf in single crochet with debbie bliss “cashmerino aran”, and it is so soft and squishy… in retrospect, I realise I probably should have used a larger hook, but it’s okay 🙂 I don’t mind the close stitches. Actually I quite like it. The scarf isn’t finished yet, but it will be soon, and I shall be sad to finish it! But… of course… happy to wear it when winter rolls around and I have a scarf that matches my red and black clothing (which is more copious than you would think).

I started with the scarf, and then when I realised it was helping my anxiety so much and I was running out of scarf to crochet… I went down to the yarn shop around the corner (oh so handy to have one just around the corner – and oh so dangerous!) and bought some more yarn to make another ripple blanket. Ripple blankets are by far my favourite type of blanket. I use this pattern from attic24, one of my favourite blogs to read 🙂 She has such wonderful instructions – well photographed and explained. And I love looking at her pictures and projects – she has such a nice eye for bright bright colour. Bright colours are my favourite 🙂

Start of ripple...
All the colours with the beginning of the blanket started

So I got some Rowan by amy butler “belle organic dk”. I told myself I wouldn’t use a pricey yarn for my next blanket, but the colours were just perfect. I’d been imagining making a blanket made from lovely deep autumn colours for some time… and there they were. The yardage was good, and it contained cotton (I wanted it to be cotton or half cotton – and it’s 50/50 wool/cotton) so I decided to give it a go. I’m happy I did, because it has a lovely drape and it feels nice and soft. It untwists a little when you crochet it, and there is some splitting, but it’s not too over-the-top annoying or anything. So really it’s a thumbs up.

The blanket’s still in the small stage where it doesn’t look too funny to carry about in a tote bag. Though I know that the blanket being huge doesn’t stop me from taking it around with me later, at this time I can take all my yarns that I’m using with me also. They all fit nice and neatly into my cat-on-mushroom bag.

Yarny goodness!
How yummy does that look?

One of my favourite parts of ripple blankets is arranging and picking the colours. I think with a granny square blanket, it would be far more difficult, and I’d be so scared of messing up (though that won’t stop me from making a granny blanket in the future, I’m sure). Then when I’m all done with the first 2 rows of each colour and I see them all together it’s a very special moment. And when I keep going with the repeat and the colours still fit so nicely together… ahh it’s great! 🙂

All the colours...
2 rows of each colour… yay! Pardon the lighting, it was evening, but you get the idea! More pics later in better lighting, of course…

Yes and if you know me, you know I’ve already done another ripple blanket… though not finished it. Don’t worry, I shan’t be abandoning it. I love it far too much to abandon it! It’s just been very difficult to get into the city to buy more yarn this year – and even just to crochet has been difficult. Being housebound with chronic fatigue really sucks 😦 I am so grateful that I am able to do this again… here it is on ravelry – though it is much bigger now. Some of the colours were discontinued while I was making it, so I had to panic and buy a few extra skeins of each colour being discontinued. I’m not sure you can even still get the other colours! But I’m hoping. And I will damn well track them down and buy them individually over ebay if I have to. So much love for this blankie. Though, tragedy – the silverfish got to it when I stored it in the lounge. I am so upset. But I know that I can stitch it back together alright. No matter how bug eaten it ever gets, it’ll still be a favourite.

Ahh, so nice to crochet again. Perhaps I can get back into spinning again too – I rather miss it. Today I shall keep going on my blanket if I can while I’m on panadeine forte (I feel so fuzzy ><) and probably watch some torchwood. I'm having a craving for gaming, so if I can sit up without hurting myself too much I might play The Sims. I'm looking forward to when I am a bit better, because then I can go Christmas shopping 🙂 I sense a big shopping trip in the city coming on…

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