Still Alive!

Well yes, I know I haven’t posted in quite a while, but that is because I finished my shawl and I didn’t want to post until it was completely finished (that is, when I wet it and pin it out to dry). But I have been majorly procrastinating / been a bit busy, and haven’t done it yet! Naughty me. But it will be done, and I will post pictures soon. Perhaps when the weather clears up a little, I shall be able to grace you all with a few pictures of me wearing it – because things make more sense when they’re on a person and all.

I have been writing more, thank goodness. Getting over my psychological quirks to be able to let myself do something that I enjoy and find rewarding can be difficult for me, but I think I am making progress. I have not been writing in huge chunks, but I am trying not to put an emphasis on it at the moment. As long as the writing gets out of my head onto the paper in my spirax notebook (which is one of my favourite types of notebooks) then I consider it a win. It feels very good, writing. It is not always the mad happiness of creation, though that does often happen… but I feel better afterwards. It’s as if I have the stories all clogged up in my brain, and then suddenly it’s all being let out and it feels wonderful. A much needed squeezing of the creative sponge… airing out the linens and sweeping out the dust. Almost as if I hadn’t slept, and then waking up from a rather recuperative nap.

I have also been playing with my sketch a day notebook, though I am sadly behind. Very behind indeed. But I think I will catch up… and I took some pictures of some of the sketches I’ve done. I shall probably add pictures in my next entry because I can’t get onto flickr (WUT!?).. darn, oh well.

With medical news, it seems that the ear ache / throat ache thingy which my usual doctor is baffled with is indeed likely not an ear-ache and I have had a blood test. I’m quite needle phobic and I came over all faint but it wasn’t too bad, and hopefully the results shall be back in a few days. It’s probably some sort of glandular fever thing. I’ve had it before. I rather hope not, but then again I think I might rather have something I’ve had before than have to deal with something completely new. I’ve had this going on now for WELL over five months, though, and I do not want to hear that it’s going to take heaps longer still – no, not at all. So fingers crossed that it’s something that is easily fixable…

Lastly, I read The Wolf Gift which is Anne Rice’s new book. It’s really wonderful, and the style is a little different from her vampire chronicle books. I felt I was a bit less able to slip into it, but then again I found myself reading for hours and forgetting what time it was – which is a pretty solid sign of a great book. In fact, I didn’t want to read the last chapter because I didn’t want it to be over! But yeah, you all – whoever is reading – should give it a go, if you like horror fiction. I love every reinvention of old myth, including the legend of the werewolf.

Wrapping this up now, as I need to get myself some breakfast. Grumble. I am really not much of a breakfast person, most of the time.

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