Today, I arrived in Sydney. My travel wasn’t particularly easy, I had a few interesting moments along the way; the wheel broke on my suitcase and I had to carry it part the way, and I missed my flight. Luckily, there was a fifty dollar fee and I could take the next flight and eerily enough, my mum had earlier given me fifty dollars just in case of any additional travel costs, like a cab.
The train fare from the airport was a bit expensive. Like, fifteen dollars for around five stops! The trains were double decker ones, and the one I rode on was quite new, so I went and sat up top even though my suitcase was so heavy for the train – I couldn’t help myself, haha! By the time I got to the station with my hotel I was pretty knackered and a nice asian, I think Japanese, man helped me get my suitcase up the stairs.
My hotel room is very nice, and I stayed a while inside to cool off before going back outside. It’s colder down here, and a little rainy. I didn’t pack any pants, but I’m not too cold… if I get really cold, I guess I’ll buy some pants or some stockings. The shopping here is very nice. On my way to Pitt st mall, which I worked out had the most shopping in the inner city, I saw a lot of really nice dress shops which I might have a look at later. I was on my way to lunch though, so didn’t take a look yet. There is a surprising amount of Japanese restaurants here, and I brought home sushi for dinner, and had lunch at subway. Then I did a little shopping. I got a new skirt I just adored, and since I only packed a light wrap cardi, got a slightly warmer jumper just in case.
Tomorrow, I go to see the Picasso exhibit at the new south wales art gallery. I am pretty excited 🙂 it isn’t very far from me either, which is nice. I can just walk. So many things are close to where I’m staying, which is great, but also means I will be doing heaps of walking! I walked a heap today, I’m really tired! Maybe next time I go to pitt st mall I might cave and take the monorail. And not just the monorail is full of lols! Because the mall is really like 3 blocks away… Ah maybe I should walk, I need the exercise haha! But, the again, monorails are pretty fun. I shall definitely be taking one to the Harry Potter exhibition. Yes that’s right…
Ahem, yeah I’m totally being cool about this, ya know? 😉 I am so freaking excited. I might buy a great deal. There are a few things I have been ogling for a long time. It will be so cool to see all the props and costumes and buckbeak! Omfggggg.
Anywho! Will probably have some more stuff tomorrow, and maybe some pictures if I can figure out uploading pictures to flickr by ipad. I don’t think the website works, but I do recall there being an app I can download if the site fails. We shall seeee…
Laters! ❤

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2 Responses to Sydney

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    Aw! Lucky you! If only the HP exhibition came to my country!

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