Picasso and the hoarde of Irish

Today I swept out of my apartment partly on the gale. The wind really is that strong. In fact, this afternoon I had difficulties walking straight, and birds had a hard time flying. Anyway so I went out of where I was staying to see two guys completely off their faces, jaywalking in the middle of the city. I figure they must have had a late night or something because it was around nine. I ended up being chatted to… well, slurred to… when I was putting on my jumper, because my shirt was green. It’s okay though, they seemed cheery and harmless.
So on I go, and a few streets down I notice the road is blocked off and there are police cars and paddy wagons too, and then there are some tv cameras. I think, dear lord – someone’s died or something! Maybe a riot! But then I go a little further down the road and I see a multitude of St Paddy’s floats being prepared.

The Irish are coming! St Patties day prep - 2012 9:43 AM
The Irish are coming!

There they are playing their Irish music, probably doing jigs behind my back, the sneakies! I learned the parade is at midday, which means unfortunately I missed it since I booked in to see the Picasso exhibit at 11:30, and these things take a fair while.
I had my breaky and went for a sticky beak to see if I could find the Queen Victoria Building. I’ve been there before, and it’s gorgeous, and I took heaps of pictures. Out the front, it is absolutely gorgeous, and there’s this great big statue of Queen Vic herself looking nice and imposing with her crown and scepter.

Outside queen v building - 2012 9:39 AM
Outside the Queen Victoria building

Queen Vicki looking imposing - 2012 9:39 AM
Fancy seeing you here, Queen V!

Inside it’s rather glorious, and there are some very lovely clocks. I really admire the tiling on the floor, and there is this big dome in the ceiling, and stained glass windows at the sides. I’ll put in a few favourites here, of course shall give a link to my flickr at the end since there are just so many photos it might be a little obnoxious and spammy to put them all here.

Queen Victoria Building ... 2012 9:15 AM
Lovely view, specialty stores of luxurious quality…

Queen vic building, stained glass windows - 2012 9:21 AM
Stained glass windows at the stairwell

I think that might be enough, though strongly recommend you check out my flickr later to see the clock pictures!
After my little meander I headed to the NSW art gallery. The gallery is really very fantastic. The art is gorgeous and the building is too! Of course, I was there to see picasso. They had this great big poster outside.

NSW art gallery - 2012 10:07 AM
NSW art gallery

Really gorgeous building. If you see my other pictures, I believe I took a slightly closer picture which shows that on the outside there are names of various famous painters on the circumference of the building’s walls. The exhibit itself was fantastic. I think some of my favourites were his early cubist work. The surrealism was pretty cool too, all fantastical colours and body parts in unexpected places!
On the way back I caught the very end of the St Paddy’s parade, but only a green double decker bus with leprechauns on it. There were huge crowds, especially in Hyde Park where they seemed to be having some kind of family day out for St Paddys, including alcohol and jumping castles (hopefully but probably not in succession).

St Patties hoarde - 2012 12:08 PM
The hoarde of Irish and alike

Then I went to fetch some lunch at the city Westfield shopping centre, which had a nice sushi train. I picked up some jeans after that. By now I was in severe pain from my arthritis in my knees and the pressure issues in my feet (it makes me feel like I’m walking on knives) and I was pretty cold and hadn’t packed warm things since in Brisbane it was sweltering hot enough for me to think it would be here, too. Then I went to pick up some lunch, watched a busker for a while (he was really good AND really pretty) and caught the monorail back. Monorail was absolutely packed. It was the third monorail I got on to, the first two not having enough room for me. Also monorails are rigged for tall people – I could barely reach the bar above my head so I could keep myself from falling over. A very nice man stood up for me so I could sit down, because he could see I was having some trouble. I was really happy about this, especially since I was in some serious pain by now and limping/hobbling. I got to watch the view out the monorail window, which is cool because it cuts directly above city streets and past buildings. This is also pretty informative.
When I got home I pretty much collapsed and popped some painkillers. I am feeling quite a bit better now that I’ve rested a little. Had my dinner too, and of course uploaded my photos and had a long chat to Mum on the phone. Now, I am excited about tomorrow. Hopefully I will be less sore. I shall certainly be less cold, which means less arthritis, so I should be able to stay out longer. Harry Potter tomorrow!! So happy. If there shall be any need to carry extra luggage with me back home, it will be because of Harry Potter merchandise. Mwahahaha!

The link to my flickr is here, click click! enjoy!
❤ Fiona

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