Hats, hats, hats.

Yes it’s been a while since I’ve posted – I have been rather busy indeed. I finished my red hat… but it turned out too big! So big that I think my tension is making it larger as well as knitting too large a size, and I’m not sure if I go down a size it will be small enough… perhaps need to switch to 3.75 instead of 4mm. Anyway, here’s a picture, because even though it is too big – it’s absolutely gorgeous, even if I do say so myself. I’m extremely proud of it, and I’m going to keep it to wear around my house (big hats fit all my hair too!)

Blocking... dry faster!
On a dinner plate, blocking (when I wet it and set it flat on something to dry – in this case around a dinner plate to keep a circular shape)


I didn’t try it on for ages because I had conjunctivitis and I didn’t want to possibly have it catch on. I started the same hat again for mum during that time however, and now I’m not sure if her hat will be too big now!! Disaster 😦 Though I did use a different type of yarn… so I am hoping that it will be okay. Please, let it be okay, haha. Otherwise I guess mum or I will be getting a house hat too! So long as I finish it. I have had to take a break! 2 of the same hats, one after the other, can be a little much – especially since it’s cables. Though, I actually find them very relaxing.

This month is my birthday – it should be a good one. All month new things are popping up. True Blood season 5 should be on the 10th, and Dymocks is having a month long sale that includes horror book anthologies (yessss). Late in the month I should be receiving a new doll kit to put together and paint (!!! one I’ve wanted for more than 2 years, but the order period is so pesky I missed it !!!) and it will be my birthday on the 27th, around the same time. Mum is giving me the gift of Smashing Pumpkins, which is next month in Sydney – so I’ll be flying in. Which is pretty generous, and I very much thank her – since old Smashing Pumpkins is my absolute favourite, and I believe they will be playing it too… and Billy Corgan will be there of course. When I scored tickets I was so excited I couldn’t stop squealing and going WOOOHOOOO and jumping around, it was the best thing ever. There hasn’t been a band I’ve seen that I’ve wanted to see as much as Smashing Pumpkins. It’s on the life to-do list for sure!

Recently lots has been going on – well, lots for me. I went to a photography group’s portraiture meet and got my picture taken, and I think I would like to join their club to improve my photography skills some more. The gallery is here for the pictures that were taken today – it should be the June 2 folder in “QCG Special Interest Groups” – there was me, Sarah & Paul, and a girl who actually looks very familiar but I was late so I missed her… I could have sworn she went to high school with me, it’s really quite eerie how I keep bumping into people… but that is Brisbane for you.
That evening, I went to Sabrina’s 30th birthday party, where we went to the Tibetan Kitchen restaurant where I had a dish so spicy hot that my eyes were watering, my nose was running and apparently at one point my face turned red, haha! But it was so delicious and I persevered, though I did feel a little nauseous afterwards. It was worth it, damnit! After that we went to the Mana Bar, in the valley near the Judith Wright centre. I was pretty excited about this – though excited about the Tibetan Kitchen too, yum – and when I got there it was smaller than I thought it would be, and it was really awesome. You could play games on each wall, none of which I had had the opportunity to try before so I had a go at two during the evening and it was extremely fun. There was a heap of memorabilia on the wall in a glass case which was especially awesome. The cocktail and shot list was hilarious… I started my evening with a Mana Potion (nobody will die tonight, I have all the heals!) and had, I think it was called, an Angel Island. Both were very yummy πŸ˜€ and I bumped into a NaNoWriMo friend there, Rion! It was incredibly random, and he ended up joining us since he was alone. The bartender, who was nice, looked surprisingly like Joseph Gordon-Levitt. At the time I thought it was totally uncanny, though I didn’t say anything haha. Another awesome thing was the ladies room… the drawings and messages on the walls were just awesome. The Harry Potter jokes on the toilet seat and on the walls someone had drawn pictures, there were messages, even BAD WOLF in big letters. Just countless awesome. I stayed in there heaps longer just to read the messages on the walls, it was great πŸ˜€ and some of my friends there went in to take individual pictures.
We ended the evening after everyone left with me and Sabrina going to the small grocery (7-11 ish) kind of shop across the road, where Sabrina bought Hello Pandas and Pringles. She let me have a few of both πŸ˜€ though I couldn’t have very many because there’s gluten. But I did have a few, and it was delicious. I had forgotten how much I like Hello Pandas. Not pringles though, I love pringles but I had them recently… sooo good. Then my mother gave Sabrina a lift home and saved her a cab fare, and took me home too. It wasn’t TOO late so I got some decent-ish sleep, and then the next day, yesterday, spent the day at Jake’s place where we jammed and watched “my little pony”, which is as good as I hear it is. The animation is very cool… I love flash, and some bits are so so funny. I ended up staying until dinner, and making friends with his sister’s rat – which was on the couch when I came in, and promptly found my hair to burrow in πŸ˜€ I love, love rats.
And now today, I’m rather tired. I think I will read or watch Doctor Who or something, maybe play some Diabo3 (I finished normal finally yaaaaay… I’m going a little slower than the rest of everyone). Today is definitely vedge day. I’m feeling a little off colour so I’m going to stay in bed and rest up. Today is quiet day.
So yes, hats and stuff! I shall make another entry when I figure out how to make one the right size, or when I finish mum’s, haha >< bloody hats… with their fancy patterns, and gauge still eats my brains. Sigh! I will ask advice at the Local Yarn Shop near me. I'm sure they will have a very helpful opinion of wether I should change the needle size too. Thank goodness I have one so close by πŸ™‚ So farewell, until next time.

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